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Air sealing for waste disposal companies: Precision is a must

When it comes to waste disposal, there are clear guidelines on how employees and the environment must be protected from harmful gases and odours. Laws and regulations such as the Federal Immission Control Act specify exactly what precautions companies must take when working with waste. Airwalls protect the environment and employees from polluting fine dust, hazardous gases and foul odours - energy-efficiently and barrier-free.

Air barriers instead of complex airlock systems

Strict regulations for waste disposal companies are intended to protect people and the environment from harmful substances. The technical implementation is complicated in most cases, because delivery airlocks must prevent the escape of dust, gases and odour particles.

Often, however, the technology available for this is outdated and ineffective. Airwalls are more reliable and energy-efficient. With barriers made of air, hazardous substances and unpleasant odours remain in the loading zone, even if the gate has to be open to unload a truck.

Waste disposal companies not only save money by eliminating special delivery gates and the necessary equipment, but also in the long term due to the low energy consumption of airwalls – and at the same time fulfil the requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act and the Technical Instructions on Air Pollution Control (TA Luft).

Airwall keeps the air clean

Seal with air without restricting usability

Foul-smelling waste, dust and animal carcasses can be a nuisance to employees at slaughterhouses or waste disposal plants. Places where such materials are recycled must therefore be reliably sealed.

With our extensive expertise in sealing off gates , we have numerous solutions and devices that make this possible, but at the same time make the entrances passable for vehicles, machines and employees.

Precise air barriers keep unwanted odours and dust in one place by using the air jet generated with outside air to keep inside air from escaping. This is not only more energy-efficient than other solutions, but also relieves the burden on exhaust air purification systems.

Certified, energy-efficient alternative

Our special system for waste disposal companies is approved throughout Europe for waste processing for odour and dust separation. It consists of two air wall nozzles with one or two fans, which can also seal off large rooms. Compared to structural airlocks, this offers great savings potential for waste and other recyclable material processing companies.

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We are very satisfied: our airwalls work trouble-free! It only smells in the hall, not outside.
David Schumacher
​Operations manager at the REMONDIS LVP plant, Erftstadt
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  • Energy efficiency
  • Occupational safety

What our airwalls can do:

  • reduce energy consumption and thus emissions
  • protect employees and the environment from dust, odours and gases
  • prevent the spread of unpleasant odours
  • seal access points without making them impassable for employees
  • increase well-being in the workplace
  • meet legal requirements and are approved for waste management companies throughout Europe

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