Air wall for large doors
Airwall Grand

Powerful airwall for large doors

When it comes to reliably sealing off gates, our Airwall Grand is the right solution. The lateral design of the nozzles shields entrances of their entire size from draughts, dust, insects, odours and cold or hot air - without interfering with the unloading of trucks or the passage of employees. The airwall is energy-efficient and can be customised to suit the specific requirements and environment.

wind velocity on gate max
≤3 m/s
wind velocity on gate max
14-50 m/s
Air flow rate
wind velocity on gate max
≤ 25°C
wind velocity on gate max
3-8 m
wind velocity on gate max
3-5 m

What makes our Airwall Grand stand out:

  • powerful performance for gates up to six metres wide and eight metres high
  • air speed: 14 to 50 m/s
  • extensive control options
  • particularly energy-efficient due to the use of process heat
  • support from LWT Airwalls at every stage of planning and installation
  • suitable for  Waste disposal companies

Big airwall for big tasks

Nowhere is more energy lost than at the large entrances to production facilities, logistics halls or truck loading bays. Separating air-conditioned air from outside air is particularly worthwhile here. Similarly, the requirements for an air wall are most complicated here: to prevent draughts or insects from entering even at heights of several metres, we use high-performance nozzles, that accurately seal doors.

Temperature exchange is effectively prevented by horizontal airflow. Since cold air tries to enter the interior mainly in the lower third of the door and warm air escapes through the upper third of the door, the Airwall protects over the entire door height or width.

Our Airwall Grand is the solution for doors. Each Airwall is a complete project for us: we work closely with you on the planning and installation.

If an Airwall Grand is not sufficient for your requirements, we also offer customised solutions with the Airwall Individual, which are designed and built specifically for your application.

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Thank you very much for such a frictionless installation and great communication.
Waqas Jamil, Technical Program Manager – Energy and Utilities,
Tesla, Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg
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Airwalls provide cold in the freezer house and a nice, Irish climate in front of it.
Derk Klockhaus, Technical Manager at the Neukirchen-Vluyn site,
Ornua Deutschland GmbH
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So that the blubbing spinach and other iglo products remain 'super cool' in an energy-efficient way: Airwalls!

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