Insect sealing with Airwall

Effective sealing against insects

In food processing companies, quality assurance is a high priority: pests such as insects can transmit diseases, bacteria or viruses and thus endanger employees and end customers. But insects are also uninvited guests outside the food industry, because they can affect the production of films, packaging, coatings and hygiene articles and cause considerable financial damage. Once invaded, their removal is costly and burdens the business over a long period of time. Therefore, it needs reliable protection.

The best quality assurance: Blocking the way of insects

As important as insects are in their ecosystems, they can be just as disruptive outside. Film manufacturers, for example, have to install elaborate control systems to check their products for damage, production defects or insects.

Defects that are found lead to rejects of the goods, thus increasing production costs. Defects that are not found strain the relationship with customers and can damage the company's reputation.

To avoid this, a special solution is needed that reliably protects against insects: LWT-Airwalls.

Unhindered use of entrances without opening the door to pests

LWT-Airwalls generate a targeted, strong, laminar air jet that reliably prevents insects from entering through open doors or gates without killing the animals. The protective effect against insects has been scientifically tested by the Biocare Institute. Airwalls therefore not only provide effective protection, they are also energy-efficient and can reduce heating and cooling costs. In addition, they enable the unhindered use of entrances – without compromising on insect protection.

Read our casebooks to find out how versatile our technologies are.

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  • Energy efficiency
  • Occupational safety
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What our airwalls can do:

  • reliably keep insects from entering
  • less insect intrusion means less production waste
  • seal access points without making them impassable for employees
  • provide better production conditions
  • reduce energy consumption and thus emissions
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Medium and strong settings of the air wall are sufficient to keep flying and crawling insects from entering interior spaces.

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What is an airwall and how does it work?

Airwalls are systems that accelerate air to high speeds with the help of fans and compress it into a thin jet via a patented nozzle (pressure linear module). The generated air jet prevents layers of air from mixing. Our units can be mounted on the side of gates or above doors. The air jet then separates the air over the entire height. This keeps cold air outside in winter, for example, and does not cool the air indoors. Airwalls are modular and therefore have a lot of planning freedom. They can therefore also be retrofitted without any problems.

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