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Energy-efficient and climate-friendly: Airwalls in the retail sector

A pleasant indoor climate is a key factor in determining how long customers stay in shops. In large shop spaces, however, heating and air-conditioning systems consume a lot of energy to maintain the desired temperature. Open entrance doors invite customers in, but at the same time offer the expensively air-conditioned air every opportunity to escape. Airwalls seal these entrances invisibly and barrier-free - and make shopping a pleasant experience at any point in a shop.

Cut off the draught

Permanent draughts are a disruptive factor and a health risk. A solution to seal off draughts is therefore an investment in the health of employees..

If people are to spend a long time in one place, such as a department store, food market or hardware store, an unpleasant indoor climate caused by draughts can make the difference between a customer taking their time or leaving the shop to order the product online.

Airwalls separate air layers and thus prevent draughts. They also reduce energy costs for cooling in summer and heating in winter, as the room air cannot escape uncontrolled to the outside. In this way, they create a room climate in which customers like to linger.

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Odour separation: so that the butter doesn't end up with the fish

The first airwall we designed was to keep the smell of a fish counter away from the rest of the market - a task that was solved efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Thanks to the precise air layer separation of airwalls, odours remain where they originate. Restaurants, fish counters and perfume departments can thus invite customers to linger and shop side by side without being disturbed by unwanted odours.

Adaptable to the corporate identity

To ensure that airwalls fit into the architectural concepts of retail shops, there are numerous different enclosures and colours that can be used to adapt the look to the existing store concept. Airwalls can disappear discreetly at entrances or appear in the striking colours of a retail brand. We will be happy to explain which options can be implemented in personal discussions.

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Due to the clean separation between warm and cold air, colleagues near the air wall have one of the coolest workplaces in summer and one of the warmest in winter!
Harald Schillinger, Senior Manager Maintenance and Sales Development, OBI Germany
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What our airwalls can do:

  • reduce energy consumption and thus emissions
  • keep conditioned air in the rooms
  • prevent the spread of unpleasant odours
  • seal entrances without making them impassable for employees or customers
  • increase the sense of well-being
  • are adaptable to the colours and look of the corporate identity

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