Thermal insulation for defined temperature zones

Controlling the production environment: thermal insulation with airwalls

When companies need different temperatures in different production areas, accurate separation is essential. However, every passageway that is necessary for the smooth running of production represents a gap in temperature management: Doors and gates are difficult to seal reliably. Airwalls can close precisely this gap by preventing air exchange with a precise air jet.

Important for companies: Keeping temperatures stable

Constant temperatures are essential for many businesses. However, it becomes problematic when, for example, food has to be cooled before processing, while in production machines need optimum working temperatures and finished products are deep-frozen. This requires precise and clever control of the different temperature zones.

In large production halls, this is a non-trivial challenge: how can individual areas be reliably separated from each other when employees regularly enter and leave the rooms at the same time for the various production steps? The solution is accurate walls made of air.

Precise thermal insulation thanks to innovative technology

Airwalls accelerate air to high speeds and thus separate air masses. Installed above or to the side of doors and gates, they ensure a precise, controllable room climate. Expensively cooled air from a cold chamber does not escape, waste heat from production halls does not interfere with cooling chains and temperatures in workrooms can remain comfortable for employees. The technology we use is energy-efficient and sustainably reduces ancillary costs and emissions. Thanks to the separation by air, passageways remain barrier-free, and employees can pass through them just as easily as forklift trucks or autonomous logistics vehicles.

Read our casebooks to find out how versatile our technologies are.

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Learn more in our casebooks

  • Energy efficiency
  • Occupational safety
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What our airwalls can do:

  • reduce energy consumption
  • separate air layers with different temperatures from each other
  • seal access points without making them impassable for employees
  • increase well-being in the workplace
  • heat and cold insulation
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Sustainability is a top priority at Ornua. Our airwalls ensure that the cold stays in the freezer, thus reducing energy consumption.
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What is an airwall and how does it work?

Airwalls are systems that accelerate air to high speeds with the help of fans and compress it into a thin jet via a patented nozzle (pressure linear module). The generated air jet prevents layers of air from mixing. Our units can be mounted on the side of gates or above doors. The air jet then separates the air over the entire height. This keeps cold air outside in winter, for example, and does not cool the air indoors. Airwalls are modular and therefore have a lot of planning freedom. They can therefore also be retrofitted without any problems.

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