All in One Luftwand
Airwall Compact:

Our all-in-one airwall

Fan, housing and filter in one unit: our LWT Compact is ideal for installation above smaller doors and gates. The unit can also be equipped with a heater and filter to bring the accelerated air to the desired temperature. We are also constantly developing our Airwall Compact to provide even better performance with lower energy consumption.

wind velocity on gate max
≤1,5 m/s
wind velocity on gate max
10-30 m/s
wind velocity on gate max
≤ 15 °C
wind velocity on gate max
2,7 m
wind velocity on gate max
3 m

What distinguishes our Airwall Compact:

  • compact and quickly installed, uses 230 V
  • for doors and gates up to 2.7 m high
  • air speed: 10 to 30 m/s
  • five different sizes per model, up to 3 m wide
  • aluminium housing
  • optionally available in RAL colours and stainless steel

The simplest solution to save energy

Legal requirements, social pressure and rising utility costs make it essential to quickly reduce energy consumption. Our units help by taking the strain off heating and air conditioning systems, keeping cold draughts out and quickly paying for themselves.

Supermarkets, cold shops or retail outlets can use them to prevent the escape of expensively heated or cooled air without having to carry out major building work. Airwalls can also keep stairwells smoke-free.

The Airwall Compact can be easily installed above doors or gates. This makes our solution ideally suited for companies that want to increase their energy efficiency without structural changes.

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We save a lot of energy because our Airwall Compact unit reliably keeps cold indoors!
KLM Kühl- u. Lagerhaus Münsterland GmbH
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The Airwall Compact F is quickly on the spot in an emergency and ensures pressure in a smoke-free stairwell.
JOMOS Brandschutz AG
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