Öffentliches Gebäude mit Airwalls

Saving energy in public buildings: lower consumption with airwalls

Public buildings, administrations and offices are often highly frequented spaces. This poses a major challenge for air conditioning and heating systems. After all, maintaining the right temperature at all times is costly and energy-intensive. Airwalls can help to separate different air environments from each other. In this way, cold outside air stays outside the door in winter, and in summer the heat from outside does not warm up the interior.

Using energy more efficiently thanks to innovative technology

Buildings consume a lot of energy through heating, cooling and lighting. According to estimates, the real estate sector therefore accounts for around 30 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany, according to the Federal Environment Agency.

Innovative technologies are therefore needed to achieve environmental goals, such as the ambitious targets for CO2 savings by 2030.

In buildings with a lot of foot traffic, airwalls can improve the efficiency of cooling and heating systems to make a crucial difference. LWT airwalls keep outside air out of entryways, reducing overall energy consumption. In times of high energy costs and increasingly pressing climate protection targets, they are thus an effective element for a green future.

Fächer mit Farbauswahl

Adaptable in many ways: Airwalls in individual design

To ensure that airwall systems fit into the design language of public buildings, offices and hotels, there are numerous cladding and colour options. Our airwalls thus ensure better energy efficiency in buildings without being visually disruptive. Thanks to numerous individual design options, our airwalls perform their reliable service almost unnoticed. Our systems can even be installed in revolving doors and prevent uncontrolled air exchange.

Stop draughts, improve employee health

Draughts can become a long-term health problem for employees. Working in a draught all the time can be unpleasant and increase the risk of colds.

Properly sealing doors and gates is therefore an investment in employees' health that pays off in the long run.

Preventing draughts not only helps well-being, but also increases motivation and productivity. Our airwall solutions sustainably improve employee satisfaction because the air jet generated prevents unpleasant, cold draughts.

2 Cover von Casebook Arbeitsschutz und Energieeffizienz

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  • Energy efficiency
  • Occupational safety

What our airwalls can do:

  • reduce energy consumption and thus emissions
  • can be part of the heating or air-conditioning system
  • seal access points without making them impassable for employees
  • increase well-being in the workplace
  • blend visually into their surroundings with a wide range of design options

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