About LWT

LWT-Airwalls is a technology company from Mönchengladbach. Since 1996, the technology leader has been developing and constructing precise air barriers that prevent different air environments from mixing in buildings and refrigerated vehicles. Doors and other passageways remain usable without barriers, but cooled or heated air does not escape from the areas where it is needed.

Airwalls are characterised by high energy efficiency and reduce the load - and thus the energy demand - of air-conditioning systems. With its patented products, LWT Airwalls helps to reduce emissions and thus makes it easier for companies to achieve their sustainability and environmental protection goals. To this end, the company conducts its own research and development, among other things together with renowned institutes.

Airwalls are used wherever rooms or vehicles need to be insulated for energy-efficient, health or cost-saving reasons, for example in retail, waste disposal companies, logistics, production plants and public buildings. Airwalls also meet the high requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act. Their effectiveness against insects and dust particles has also been scientifically confirmed.

Almost 2,000 airwall systems have already been installed and provide protection against temperature, odour, gases, dust and draughts.

Save energy with airwalls

Medium and large halls

In entrance areas under poor conditions

Reduction of loss due to convection at high temperatures (>600°C)

Customer satisfaction

Our philosophy

We find the optimal solution for every problem: cost-conscious, sustainable and reliable. The highest technical level is the criterion for component selection. Precision determines our work. These principles have made us a market-leading specialist company. Customised special solutions, reliability, sustainability and innovation are our strengths. Satisfying our customers, reducing their energy costs and thus driving their success are considered our guiding goals.


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Our successes in recent years speak for themselves!


Completion of the second Giga-Airwall

Completion of the first major order for the energy-efficient thermal insulation of 20 gates


Completion of the first Giga-Airwall, which moves approx. 3,7  Giga m3/a of air

Completion of the Helioglow research project with Fraunhofer ISE


Takeover of 90% of the shares of LWT GmbH by cridon GmbH, Jürgen Stäudtner

Farewell to Peter Wiemann


Research project together with the Frauenhofer Institute


Development of a 4-in-1 system for logisticians


Accident prevention award 2016 of the employers' liability insurance association

Award – LWT is one of the TOP 100 most innovative companies in Germany


Development of new unit generations with state-of-the-art fan technology

Introduction of a customer-specific performance certificate for energy efficiency

Development of a multiple air wall system especially for logistics buildings


Flow research with institutes of thermal air mass separation as well as smoke protection


Relocation to a new building and new appearance of LWT GmbH Luftwandtechnik


Development of the "Laminus nozzle" with variable air direction


Development of a compact unit "High Speed" in combination with heat pump


Prototype of a "non-smoking air wall" to separate areas and protect non-smokers


Smoke protection at underground station to keep escape routes clear at Frankfurt Airport


Development of an air wall with disinfection (photooxidation) bioclean-wall


Development of an air wall for refrigerated trucks (utility model)


Development of a double nozzle with two air streams of different temperatures, EU patent


Development of an LWA for large hall doors at waste halls as an equivalent replacement of structural airlocks according to 30. BImSchV Patent + utility model EU 3/2002


Planning of an air wall system for the EXPO 2000 project ICE railway station Hannover-Laatzen Foundation of Luftwandtechnologie GmbH from our TGA planning office


Development and planning of an odour separation of a fresh fish department for a C+C company L= 13 Meter

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