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Whether for the refrigerated truck of the grocery trade, large doors in the logistics hall or hidden in the architecture of the department stores': we have a suitable airwall for almost all applications. However, if our existing systems do not meet the requirements, we use our expertise as engineers and innovators and plan the ideal solution together with you. On this basis, we build unique air barriers in size, performance and functions - designed exactly according to your wishes.

wind velocity on gate max
< 6 m/s
wind velocity on gate max
air flow rate
wind velocity on gate max
as required
wind velocity on gate max
as required
wind velocity on gate max
as required

What makes our Airwall Individual stand out:

  • powerful performance for very large doors and other areas
  • air speed: 14 to 50 m/s, more via boost function
  • extensive control options
  • particularly energy-efficient due to the use of process heat
  • support from LWT Airwalls at every stage of planning and installation
  • suitable for waste disposal plants

Temperature zone separation for a special high-bay warehouse

For a well-known, globally active battery manufacturer, we developed a special airwall that separates two temperature zones with a difference of 25 °C from each other. This shortens transport routes and allows autonomous logistics vehicles to drive freely. The high-bay warehouse comprises a total of twelve aisles that are approximately two metres wide and 20 metres high. Each of these aisles is sealed off by a double airwall system in helix form, where one airwall blows out warm air and the other cold. There is no turbulence or other air currents that interfere with production. The system runs reliably around the clock, every day.

Projects like this vividly demonstrate what we can implement on behalf of customers: innovative airwall concepts that reliably separate air layers and save energy, even in a complex environment.

Air zone separation in disguise: clever solution for metro markets

We have also designed unique airwall systems for other companies: The first airwall we built was used to separate the smell of a fish counter from the rest of the store. The concept has proven so successful that we have an Airwall in use in almost all Metro Group shops. The special feature: The system is installed in the false ceiling. From the outside, you can only see an opening for the nozzle that vertically separates the air into two zones. Depending on the shop, this nozzle is up to 15 metres long.

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Since we have air walls, you can only smell the fish where you are supposed to smell it: at the fish counter.
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I would like to thank LWT-Airwalls for helping us to build this first of its kind airwall system. No one else even wanted to try!
Leading fluid mechanics engineer for a major international battery manufacturer
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