Production facility with airwall

Why production companies rely on airwalls

Whether at the entrance gate to the warehouse, as employee protection in production or as hygiene protection: our airwalls can be found in places where precision is important. Airwalls separate layers of air and can therefore be used for temperature control, but also as protection against dust, insects and draughts. We show what this looks like in practice using various areas of application.

Temperature control: Controlling ambient temperature easily

Many companies need to precisely control the ambient temperature at their production sites.

Depending on the product, stable environmental conditions are needed for faultless production. Moreover, every degree too much or too little can cause unnecessary costs.

Therefore, precise temperature control is a decisive cost and sustainability factor. Our innovative technology makes exactly that possible: individual airwall solutions separate air masses before they need to be cooled or heated. Numerous companies have been successfully using our products for years – with positive effects for employees and lower costs.

An effective remedy against dust, gases and odours

It's a well-known fact that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. In companies, such by-products are not only a symbol of productivity, but also obstructive waste. This can be a burden on the health of employees. Just like dust, hazardous gases or unpleasant odours. Customised solutions are therefore a necessary means of protecting employees from health hazards. Airwalls can do this – along with other benefits such as temperature control and emission reduction.


Sustainable technology for health protection

Draughts are an underestimated factor in many companies. Working in a draught all the time can be unpleasant and lead to colds.

An investment in a pleasant indoor climate is therefore doubly worthwhile: it not only ensures improved health, but also more satisfied employees who work more effectively.

Our airwall solutions sustainably improve the satisfaction and health of employees without disruptive barriers at entrances, doors and gates.

Keep insects out without wasting time

Companies in the food sector have to pay attention to hygiene. This is a challenging task for large companies that send many products to logistics every day.

Locks take time, truck loading bays are often not sufficiently protected and employees are not always reliable when it comes to closing doors.

This opens up opportunities for insects to enter. Airwalls close this gap by efficiently preventing insect entry. This approach - and other advantages of airwalls - has proven successful, as best practice examples from our customers show.

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  • Energy efficiency
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What our airwalls can do:

  • reduce energy consumption and thus emissions
  • enable precise control of temperature zones
  • seal access points without making them impassable for employees or autonomous storage systems
  • prevent draughts and the entry of insects
  • protect employees from dust, unpleasant odours and gases

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