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Smoke-free also at the MG fire brigade

In many older fire stations, the staff rooms are directly connected to the vehicle hall below via an open chute.
Due to low ceilings, it is often not possible to install an exhaust system.

When the vehicles are started in case of an alarm, the exhaust fumes rise and reach the common rooms above through the chute.

Such a situation also existed in the Pfingsgraben 2 fire station in Mönchengladbach.
The solution,
An airwall system (see photos) mounted directly below the ceiling penetration creates an airwall via a laminar core air jet at high pressure, which prevents the rising exhaust gases from entering the common rooms.
In the event of an alarm, the system is started manually via a buzzer, and the firefighters slip through the barely perceptible airwall.
After the vehicles have been started, the system continues to run for about 3 minutes. During this time the vehicle hall is ventilated through the open doors.

According to the guards, the use of this technology has significantly improved the air quality in the social rooms.
The smell of exhaust fumes is no longer perceptible.

Thus, this technology represents the cost-effective and barrier-free solution for this application.