Airwall Grand

Powerful airwall for large doors

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Airwall at the gate

LWT Airwall Compact

Our all-in-one airwall

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Airwall for a supermarket

Airwall Move

Better cooling performance on the move

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Airwall for cars

Save energy with airwalls

Medium and large halls

In entrance areas under poor conditions

Reduction of loss due to convection at high temperatures (>600°C)

Customer satisfaction

Cover von Casebook Energieeffizienz bei Klimatechnik

More sustainable with Airwalls: our Energy Efficiency Casebook

  • Find out how you can save energy with Airwalls
  • All relevant information in a handy PDF
  • With practical example

We show you your energy saving potential

With just a few details from your company, we can show you exactly how much energy you would save by using Airwalls - without obligation, with free advice included.

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What is an airwall and how does it work?

Airwalls are systems that accelerate air to high speeds with the help of fans and compress it into a thin jet via a patented nozzle (pressure linear module). The generated air jet prevents layers of air from mixing. Our units can be mounted on the side of gates or above doors. The air jet then separates the air over the entire height. This keeps cold air outside in winter, for example, and does not cool the air indoors. Airwalls are modular and therefore have a lot of planning freedom. They can therefore also be retrofitted without any problems.

What is the difference to air curtains?
How time-consuming is the installation of Airwalls?
When does it start paying off to invest in an airwall?

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